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The Department has followed in the footsteps of other Planning Authorities in Ireland and Britain and introduced legislation to review old mineral permissions and allow for periodic review of other existing mineral planning permissions. A mineral consent granted before 1 January 2004 is classified as an old mineral permission and will be dealt with in order of age, oldest first.

When do ROMPS come to Northern Ireland?

The Legislation was introduced in May 2006 through the Planning Reform (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

What is the objective of ROMPS?

  • To ensure that quarries and mines in NI are operating to modern environmental conditions;
  • To have dormant quarries re-assessed prior to re-opening;
  • To ensure that quarry developments are assessed in terms of modern environmental regulations and procedures.

What does the legislation allow the Department to do?

The legislation has granted power to Planning Service to review old mineral planning permissions and the power for periodic review of other mineral planning permissions.

Reviews and Planning Applications

These reviews are not planning applications in the usual sense; there are a number of significant differences regarding continued extraction rights, planning conditions and future development.


While ROMP applications are not planning applications there are appeal rights.

For more information please contact
Steve Lamb - Bristol Office

Andrew Scurfield - Downpatrick Office.