Green Circle Pre Application Consultation Documents

In accordance with the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) 2012 as amended, we give you notice that Green Circle Aggregates Ltd are intending to apply to the Vale of Glamorgan Council for full planning permission for the following development:

“Retention of existing Limestone Quarry and associated plant, ancillary development and infrastructure; proposed relinquishment of consented mineral reserves below lowest current quarry floor level in favour of proposed eastern lateral extension to existing quarry; with progressive restoration of site with inert material to restore site to low level agriculture.”

Green Circle Aggregates Ltd invites pre-application consultation responses on the proposed development to be provided to Quarryplan Ltd.

Responses can be made via post to

Quarryplan Limited

10 Saintfield Road



Co. Down

BT30 9HY

or e-mailed to

Your response should be with us by midnight on Friday 29th March 2019.


Documents can be viewed by clicking on the links below:-

Environmental Statement

Non Technical Summary

Planning Application Form February 2019

Proposed Development Plans

Appendix 1.1 EIA Screening and Scoping Request

Appendix 1.2 EIA Screening Response

Appendix 1.3 ROMP Consent

Appendix 1.4 Decison Notice

Appendix 1.5 Recycling Permission

Appendix 2.1 Proposed Development Plans

Appendix 2.2 Pre Application Request

Appendix 2.3 Pre Application Response

Appendix 4.1 Restoration Plan

Appendix 6.1 Hydro Impact Assessment

Appendix 7.1 Noise Impact Assessment

Appendix 8.1 Ecological Impact Assessment

Appendix 9.1 Part 1 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix 9.1 Part 2 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment 

Appendix 9.1 Part 3 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix 9.1 Part 4 Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Appendix 10.1 Air Quality Assessment

Appendix 12.1 Cultural Heritage Assessment