Geological Evaluation Process


The steps undertaken to evaluate a site or an areas geological potential are:


  • A "Desk Top" study and regional land search.
  • Scoping of potential sites is undertaken based upon the underlying geology, surface geography, local infrastructure and probable market.

Site Specific

A recommendation on the site investigation technique to be employed is made, based on geological and budget constraints, which include the following methods:

  • rotary coring and rotary percussive drilling
  • shell and auger drilling
  • continuous/intermittent flight auger drilling
  • odex, robit and simitrix drilling
  • reverse circulation drilling
  • 'sonic' system drilling
  • test pitting
  • geophysical surveys

geological_belcoo.pngResource quality analysis

Reserve assessment / Geological reporting to international reporting codes.

Reserve and Quarry Development Plans

The geological analysis and reporting carried out by Quarryplan has helped advise Clients with respect to potential value and acquisition strategies, phasing and plant requirements. Invariably the provision of this information at an early stage in the course of a project has saved Clients, substantial unnecessary expenditure.

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