Workshop for Quarry Managers & Operatives

A one day workshop on the Quarries regulations held by Quarryplan and QuarryDesign at the Glenavon Hotel on Wednesday 05th September 2018 is being considered a success. With nearly 100 delegates from a wide range of Quarrying Companies and also Council Planning Officers attending the event. A Manager's seminar was presented by the HSENI's Inspector Brian Pryce and by QuarryDesign's Principal Geotechnical Enginerr, Ian Thomas which focused on Geotechnical Assessments and the imprtanceof effective ecavation and tip design. In parallel sessions, QuarryDesigns's MD Adrian Wilkinson gave a toolbox talk to Quarry Operatives on what to look out for in thier routine Inspections and Appraisals. The workshop organisers are indebted to the HSENI, QPANI, IQ and QNJAC for their support in promoting the event and ensuring it's success by being well attended.