Professional Services

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Quarryplan offer the full range of services required for the ALCS including:

  • External audits for the ALCS
  • Reviewing and addressing the Improvement Notice issued by the DOE
  • Liasing with the Aggregates Levy Team at the DOE
  • Drawing up procedures and codes of conduct
  • Providing landscape and restoration schemes
  • Providing site drainage plans
  • Applying for licences when required e.g. Abstration licence

Quarryplan's auditor has held a senior role within an aggregates company and therefore has an extensive understanding of the quarrying industry and has prepared and submitted hundreds of aggregates levy audits.

Work carried out to a recognised standard by the Quarryplan team, as part of the Improvements Notice requirements can often be used by the client in other areas which is both efficient and minimalises costs.

The Quarryplan team pride themselves in working closely with the Client and the DOE to keep everyone informed throughout the process.

For more information please contact
Pamela Scurfield - Downpatrick Office.