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Quarryplan's comprehensive approach has successfully identified and brought forward a number of virgin mineral resources and the geological team have reviewed and evaluated hundreds of potential resources on behalf of Clients from a physical resource perspective.

The most important asset that a Quarrying Company has is that of its mineral reserve. Quarryplan's Geological Section is staffed by experienced and skilled extractive geologists who have gained their experience from within the quarry industry along with continued training to keep them at the cutting edge.

Clients require ever increasingly sophisticated reserve information for a number of end uses. Quarryplan prides itself on the way in which it collates, collects and supplies this geological information in a concise manner that is both accessible and informative.

Quarryplan can either be appointed on an individual site basis or on a regional land search basis, in conjunction with our Mineral Resource Management Surveyors. The combined team can assess a geographic area and report back with recommendations for potential sites.

For more information please contact:
Downpatrick Office
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