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butterfly_300x224.png ROMP applications are all about negotiations. Your Planning Consultant needs to understand the mineral planning environment and mineral planning development to achieve a positive result for your Company. Quarryplan is the ONLY mineral planning consultancy in Northern Ireland that has 'hands on' experience in producing and successfully negotiating ROMP applications when the same legislation was introduced in other regions.  

Where planning conditions cannot be proven to be adequate, Quarryplan can provide the guidance needed in order to submit schemes for ROMP sites.  

Quarryplan can supply an unequalled level of support and advice required when producing ROMP applications.  The experienced team of environmental consultants, chartered mineral surveyors and planning consultants have an unrivalled 'hands on' experience of the quarry industry, ROMP legislation and procedures.  

Quarryplan can negotiate effectively with Planning Service to secure appropriate planning conditions to minimise Client costs wherever possible.  

Quarryplan's extensive knowledge of minerals planning, its professional approach to project management and experience of ROMP procedures will result in a straightforward and cost effective ROMP application process.

For more information please contact
Steve Lamb - Bristol Office

Andrew Scurfield - Downpatrick Office.